Turf Design-Build: October 2022


Turf Design-Build: October 2022

Turf Design Build October 2022Volume 15 • Number 1


Dos & Don’ts Of DB | A Design-Build veteran on practices to embrace and mistakes to avoid for project success.

The Hot DB Trend | Hoffman Landscapes/Kent Greenhouse& Gardens on firepits, fireplaces, and fire elements.

A Streamside Farmhouse | Designs By Sundown evokes a rural countryside in a Denver neighborhood.

Get Equipped: Design-Build | This two-part feature includes construction equipment, hardscape, and more for taking on projects. View Part 1. View Part 2.


For many in the Green Industry, Judson Griggs, author of “The Dos & Don’ts of Design-Build” needs no introduction. An Industry veteran, he has over 45 years of Design-Build experience, and has personally managed more than $75M in DB sales. Yet despite his impressive career, he shares his failures as well as his successes for the education of others. In his article here, he describes feeing “like a fish out of water” as his responsibilities grew to include financial management. “I quickly realized I needed to acquire a broader set of business skills. My degrees in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture did not prepare me for the larger roles I was taking on.”

How many of us can relate? As your career grows, you suddenly need skills you’ve never been taught. In DB, this can be particularly keen. Client requests and/or market demand can challenge you or your business into entering new and unfamiliar territory—building that first fireplace or designing a custom water feature. Luckily, we’re an industry of sharers, of experts like Griggs and others, who will lend advice and input. DB is the most impressive part of the landscape industry—generating the type of transformations that simply awe. But it’s not magic. It’s asking questions, accepting help, and realizing that everyone faces learning curves on the road to success!

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