Turf Design-Build: February 2023

From estimating strategies to pool construction to heavy equipment, Turf's Design-Build February 2023 section is worth diving into!


Turf Design-Build: February 2023

Turf Design-Build February 2023Volume 16 • Number 1


Estimating For Profit | Learn the strategies to get paid what you’re worth.

Dive In | More landscapers are getting into pool construction. Start with these tips.

Investing In Heavy Equipment | Rent versus buy and features to consider when making a “big” purchase.

Get Equipped: Design-Build | Skid steers, excavators, attachments and more for taking on projects.


Offering design-build services is a sort of pinnacle for many. You’ve put the time in, bought equipment, hired crew, trained them, and now have the sort of expertise and varied skill set required to take on multi-faceted projects. It was a long road, but now you’re ready to go, right? Well, maybe.

Unless you’ve truly done your numbers, and know how to estimate properly—for profit—you could find that expected success is more elusive than you thought. Which is why the article by SynkedUP co-founder Weston Zimmerman is a must-read. “I’ve seen a lot of incredibly talented craftsmen and business owners that did simply amazing work, but were ‘starving artists,’” writes Zimmerman. So he outlines, in clear terms, the exact steps needed to really make estimating work for you. Besides knowing your breakeven and your “floor,” it’s also about knowing your worth.

When it comes to worth, let’s talk heavy equipment! David Caldwell, national product manager for Takeuchi-US, takes us through the points to consider when investing in compact equipment. Then once you’ve got that beautiful new excavator, dip your toe into pool construction with tips from instructors at GENESIS®, a company of the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. It’s a DB section worth diving into!

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