Turf February 2024 Issue

Featuring the winner of the inaugural Turf Lawn Striping Contest, the February 2024 issue helps Green Industry professionals earn their stripes.

Editor’s Letter

Earning Your Stripes

Turf February 2022 Issue

What an exciting issue this is! I think of it as the Turf edition that honors the great American lawn and the Green Industry professionals who have transformed it into both an art and science.

One such person is Orlando Chávez, winner of Turf’s first ever lawn striping contest. As Operations Manager with Executive Property Maintenance in Plymouth, MI, Chávez has been maintaining the same large estate weekly for the past six years. When he switched up his mowing for more intricate designs last season, it caught lots of favorable attention —especially in Detroit’s Mexican community, who helped Chávez garner his Turf win with 532 votes. It was hardly undeserved. As an advocate and champion of the community, Chávez has “earned his stripes” in more ways than one and we are thrilled to put a spotlight on his hard work and achievements.

Other turf professionals earning their stripes are the crew at TruNorth Landscaping in Traverse City, MI. They won a Gold in Residential Lawn Care from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) for their transformation of a 44,500+ square foot lawn fronting Grand Traverse Bay. Read their methods for converting this yard from lackluster to lush.

Of course, with weather extremes more commonplace, we wondered about turf choices in the Transition Zone. Two turfgrass professors offer their perspective. There are also the new mowers that make it all happen as well as a look at the evolving role and new technologies offered by artificial grass.

While turfgrass is legitimately being rethought in some areas due to pollinator decline and water conservation mandates, verdant swathes of lush green will always have their place in the American landscape. They beckon us to picnic, catch lighting bugs, play a game of catch, or simply sit and stay awhile. This language will never be lost, even if it evolves over time.

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Turf February 2024 Issue | Table of Contents

Turf February 2024 Issue
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TURF’S LAWN STRIPING CONTEST WINNER: ORLANDO CHÁVEZ! | Whether it’s plowing, mowing, or advocating for his community, Chávez earns his stripes every day. Here’s his story. Además, ¡en español!

TRANSFORMING TURF | TruNorth Landscape wins Gold for bringing back the green to this turfgrass.

THE TRANSITION ZONE | Hotter Summers, erratic rainfall, new grass varieties. Are turfgrass choices in the Transition Zone in transition?


NEW PLANTS & TRENDS FOR 2024 | Refresh customer landscapes with new plant varieties and most-wanted ideas.

PESTICIDES & POLLINATORS | The buzz on simple steps to mitigate impacts—backed by research.

THE EVOLUTION OF ARTIFICIAL TURF | Once a sacrilege in the Green Industry, is artificial grass earning its place?



THE YARDSTICK: NATE BAHLER | A hard-working high schooler wanting a job forges a successful career (and business) as co-founder and owner of Green Meadow Lawn Care.

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