Get Equipped: Hardscape Project Solutions

This assortment of hardscape project solutions will help your professional landscaping team team create beautiful outdoor living spaces.

From the June 2023 Issue

From pavers and modular kitchens to heavy equipment, this assortment of hardscape project solutions can help your team create beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Hardscape Project SolutionsUniLyft Mini From Unilock

This game-changing paver laying assist machine installs pavers up to five times faster. UniLyft Mini also makes a substantial difference in the number of crew members required on site to help reduce overall labor costs. Mechanizing your installation process also minimizes worker fatigue, injury, and turnover. Featuring a 310-pound lifting capacity, the UniLyft Mini fits most popular compact loaders like Ditch Witch®, Bobcat®, and Dingo®; is easy to operate with minimal training and onboarding time; and transports easily with your existing attachments.

Hardscape Project Solutions

Nicolock Coastal Cap

The new Coastal Cap paver block from Nicolock features a smooth texture on two sides with a rounded front. Rectangular shapes are available in two depths and can be cut into corners. Coastal Cap provides a finishing touch to top off hardscape features in outdoor living spaces and is perfect for walls, steps, and pool coping. The premium rectangular caps are fabricated in vibrant colors and are available in 24″ x 12″ or 24″ x 14″ (Coastal Cap Plus) configurations. Coastal Cap rectangle pavers provide clean, crisp lines and a refined, modern look.

Volvo DD25Volvo DD25 Electric Asphalt Compactor

The DD25 Electric Asphalt Compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment brings the advantages of lower noise and zero-emissions equipment to hardscaping. The battery-electric, double-drum compactor offers 24 kW of available power. Its emissions-free operation makes the DD25 Electric asphalt compactor ideal for jobsites with strict emission regulations or for organizations looking to meet their own sustainability goals. The DD25 Electric can operate for a full shift on a single charge, depending on the job type and work cycle intensity. The machine comes with an integrated on-board charger that enables charging from zero to 100% in as little as three hours. With an optional off-board DC fast charger, this can be achieved in just over an hour.

Belgard Basalt

By Belgard

Create stunning hardscape designs with one of Belgard’s newest additions, the Basalt paver. Basalt mimics the texture of natural volcanic rock, complementing both modern and rustic styles. The bold texture adds depth and dimension to any space or design style. Basalt is available in deep charcoal and light gray tones so landscape and hardscape professionals can mix and match or create monochromatic designs.

Hardscape Project SolutionsCove Terra
From Atlas Concorde USA

Celebrating the world’s most ancient building materials, raw earth and clay, the new Cove Terra porcelain tile collection from Atlas Concorde represents a range of colors and possibilities for beautiful design in harmony with nature. With a look and feel reminiscent of old-world pottery, the solid surface brings vibrant pigments and a pleasantly smooth texture to contemporary applications. As a result, customers can achieve a tranquil balance between the natural and built environment. Cove Terra is offered in nine different neutral and accent colors, including a deep denim blue and jade green. Two new mosaics and coordinating trim pieces complete the extensive collection, allowing for seamless design across surfaces.

Techno-BlocIndustria Flora Patio Slab
From Techo-Bloc

Techo-Bloc Inc. has launched the Industria Flora patio slab. New to the Industria family, Industria Flora is a 600 mm x 600 mm Mediterranean-inspired slab with textured fl oral patterns on its surface. Available in six different motifs, this series brings statement-making visual interest to the outdoors. The Industria Flora series is available in Beige Cream or Greyed Nickel and includes six different patterns: Rosemary, Daisy, Lily, Daphodile, Jasmine, and Dahlia. It also pairs with the Industria Smooth slab, offering more than 460 pattern possibilities.

ClifRock Modular KitchensClifRock Modular Kitchens

As a leader in Panel Masonry, ClifRock has created the Modular Kitchen as a great addition in transforming a backyard into a barbeque/party area at a smaller cost. The Modular Kitchen provides grilling, storage, and refrigeration to liven up any outdoor space. At 8′ long, these kitchens offer plenty of counter space for food prep and serving. The Modular Kitchen also simplifies the installation process, with little to no disruption to the homeowners’ yard and virtually no clean up necessary. Made using an inter-locking bracketing system, these outdoor kitchens can be assembled in two hours and provide durability and strength for years. The available color options create an aesthetically pleasing, natural stone look to any backyard environment.

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