Get Equipped: Irrigation & Water Management Solutions For 2023

These irrigation & water management solutions can help your team keep turf and landscape plants watered and healthy.

From the June 2023 Issue

From timers to controllers to hose reels, this assortment of irrigation & water management solutions can help your team keep turf and landscape plants watered and healthy.

Irrigation & Water Management

Rachio Smart Hose Timer

The Rachio Smart Hose Timer transforms a simple garden hose into a smart watering system. With the Smart Hose Timer, yards can be watered on-demand without a sprinkler system, saving water while keeping yards and plants healthy and thriving. The Smart Hose Timer, which joins the Rachio 3 in the company’s line-up of water-saving solutions, takes the hassle and mystery out of efficient watering with built-in Weather Intelligence™ and patented flow meter technology. It automatically adjusts watering schedules based on changes in weather and seasons, ensuring a yard is watered only when scheduled or necessary.

Irrigation & Water Management

Vu-Flow Y-strainer Filters

Designed to filter out particles from an irrigation system efficiently, Y-strainer filters are ideal for residential irrigation systems and drip irrigation applications. Vu-Flow Y-strainer filters offer a compact design that can be installed easily in small spaces and provide the option of using mesh or disc filters. The large filter housing design minimizes pressure drop across the filter and the optional ball valve on-screen filter allows easy cleaning of the filter without disassembling. A variety of inlet/outlet sizes are available. Additionally, the filters are equipped with preset holes ready for pressure gauges on the inlet and outlet.

Hunter Hydrawise

Hunter Hydrawise® HPC Controllers

In the latest update to Hydrawise® enabled Hunter HPC Controllers, two sensor ports now come standard with units manufactured in December 2022 or later. This makes it easy to monitor both flow and rainfall. By adding a Hunter HC Flow Meter to one sensor port and a Hunter Clik Sensor to the other, contractors can ensure irrigation systems operate properly and eliminate wasteful watering during inclement weather conditions.

Irrigation & Water Management

Pro-Trade 17mm Dripline

Available at SiteOne Landscape Supply, ProTrade 17mm Dripline is a high quality, efficient solution to irrigate trees, shrubs, flower beds, and gardens. Designed to perform in a variety of applications, this dripline is available with pressure-compensating emitters with or without check valves, and 0.6 GPH or 0.9 GPH flow rates with color-coded stripes for easy identification. Made in the U.S., Pro-Trade Dripline features UV-resistant resin and utilizes low profile emitters and a large inside diameter to maximize flow and offer superior run lengths.



EutroSORB WC is a simple, next-generation phosphorus binding technology that can be used to remove excess phosphorus rapidly and permanently from surface water resources. When excessive nutrients are present in ponds, causing algae, EutroSORB WC quickly removes phosphorus from the water column, without impacting water quality. Additional benefits include: an easy-to-use formulation; no slurry required; water chemistry is not impacted; no irrigation restrictions, low volume use rates; and safe for fish, invertebrates, and personnel.

Irrigation & Water Management

Hannay MS-1000 Spray Series Reel

Hannay Reels, a manufacturer of durable hose and cable reels for both OEM and aftermarket applications, has introduced the MS-1000 Spray Series Reel with a smaller footprint for increased versatility. Based on the 1000 Series reel, the MS-1000 is a lightweight, compact manual reel with an innovative design that features mounting holes on the inside of the reel base versus the outside. This allows the MS-1000 to fit in smaller areas and tight spaces. The crank handle also has a shorter knob for easier access. The MS-1000 is an ideal reel for pressure washing, washdown, and general spray operations.

Irrigation & Water ManagementRAIN BIRD® RC2 Residential Connected Controller

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, the RC2 Residential Controller provides instant irrigation system access with Quick Pair technology and Rain Bird’s mobile app. The RC2’s mobile-first interface provides homeowners with the convenience they expect while offering contractors the easiest and fastest programming experience available, with or without WiFi access at the property. Users can create a custom watering schedule with three available programs and up to four start times per program. Further customize watering with advanced features including Forecasted Rain Delays, Automatic Seasonal Adjust, Delay Watering for up to 14 days, and Cycle & Soak by station. Weather data from local sources can automatically adjust run times, ensuring landscapes get only the water they need.


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