Get Equipped: Software And Technology

From job costing to route planning, this assortment of software and technology products will help you manage your landscaping and lawn care business.

From the December 2023 Issue

Consider these software and technology products to help you manage your landscaping and lawn care business.

Software and Technology, Hourly Hourly

Hourly is a cloud-based workers’ comp insurance and payroll platform, geared toward landscapers, and other skilled trade professionals, that connects workers’ comp, time tracking, and payroll in real-time. With Hourly, payroll errors can be decreased by collecting time data automatically, without the hassle of manually calculating and importing timecard data for hourly workers. Workers’ comp insurance can also be integrated into the payroll system, and Hourly automatically calculates premiums based on your total monthly payroll. The platform tracks time, task, and location data in real time, and includes time and attendance, locations, tasks, GPS tracking, geofencing, offline mode, real-time alerts, overtime and double time, compliance logs, notes and photos, supervisor app, kiosk mode, and job-costing reports.

Location Timers From Jobber

Location Timers
From Jobber

Jobber now offers location timers, a new feature that uses geo-fencing technology to track employee time on job sites automatically, and accurately, substantially reducing manual work. Jobber’s location timers feature provides landscapers with two modes to fit their needs: automatic mode automatically starts and stops the timer in the Jobber app, when the service pro arrives and leaves a client’s property; reminder mode sends a push notification when crew is near a client’s property. When they’re ready, they can start or stop the timer with just a tap.

Software and Technology, Job Costing Advisor From LMN Job Costing Advisor From LMN

Landscape Management Network (LMN) has launched Job Costing Advisor, a comprehensive real-time cost tracking product that makes it easy to ensure each job is profitable. Job costing advisor enables granular visibility on labor, materials, equipment, subcontractors, and other costs; automatically compares them to the job estimate; highlights potential issues and recommends actions to improve costing accuracy—in just a few clicks. Job Costing Advisor complements existing LMN business tools such as Budgeting, Estimating, Time Tracking, Invoicing, and Payments, making LMN a comprehensive software suite built by landscapers for landscapers.

RouteSavvy Route Optimization SoftwareRouteSavvy Route Optimization Software

OnTerra Systems, the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software, have introduced a new route- optimization software “engine” and automated, multi-vehicle optimization in RouteSavvy. With new automated multi- vehicle optimization, fleet managers in charge of planning deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, or sales calls can upload the addresses and, with one click, have more efficient routes for multiple vehicles generated automatically with RouteSavvy. This new functionality generates automated route balancing. The new RouteSavvy Online end-user software is also up to 30% faster in optimizing routes, and now offers advanced handling of bad addresses on routes.

Software and Technology, SatMeasure Technology From SatQuoteSatMeasure Technology From SatQuote

SatQuote has launched a new map-based property intelligence, measurement, and estimation software platform that enables Green Industry pros to manage all aspects of measuring, designing, and quoting jobs. SatMeasure Technology™ is a suite of tools that provides property-owner information, boundary data, drawing and map manipulation features, high-resolution imagery, and AI measuring assistance. SatQuote is an online tool and mobile app that combines aerial and satellite imagery, with an AI-powered measurement and design system to create, share, and manage map-based quotes with customers quickly and easily. This new software application streamlines the process of managing leads, accurately measuring, creating designs, estimating labor and materials, and creating quotes.

Vectorworks 2024Vectorworks 2024

Improved visual and organizational capabilities, plus a new automated Fence tool, help users take their creativity further in Vectorworks 2024. The automated Fence tool saves significant time, while designing in 2D or 3D, and reduces the chance of errors in material specifications. The new Landmark Color Palette provides an efficient nature-focused color selection experience. Users can easily access the specific colors they need to communicate design intentions. Legends for Site Model Analysis also offer the ability to communicate design decisions promptly and effectively. Users will have better control over the graphical output of site model snapshots, with the ability to include a legend to help clients better understand annotations, and a highly customizable color scale ensures users can include critical information about slope ranges and elevation values.

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