Hunter’s New Wireless Valve Link Helps Simplify Installation

LoRa® Wireless Radio Technology enables valve connection without running additional wires or cutting into hardscape.


Wireless Link Valve

When taking on a new installation or retrofit project, running wire from the controller to field valves can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. The new Wireless Valve Link uses LoRa® Wireless Radio Technology from Hunter Industries enables contractors to easily connect valves without running additional wires or cutting into hardscape.

Wireless Link ValveThis convenient and innovative wireless valve technology simplifies installation to save time, money, and labor. The link valve is compatible with Centralus™ and Hydrawise® Software, works with Hunter ICC2 and HCC Controllers, and adds up to 54 valves (+P/MV) up to 2,000′ line-of-sight or more with a Repeater. Additionally, it features a license-free LoRa Technology that enables wireless communication directly to the valve box with no copper field wiring required. The link valve can be combined with conventional ICM or EZDS Modules for ultimate flexibility and includes an optional Solar Panel Kit for Wireless Valve Link, eliminating the need to replace alkaline batteries in the field.

Ben Sacks, category manager – Electronic Products at Hunter Industries states, “The Wireless Valve Link product family eliminates some of the biggest costs in irrigation installations: copper wire and unnecessary excavation to connect or repair distant valves. Once connected, wireless signals are immune to issues that commonly afflict wired systems, such as wire degradation and lightning damage.”

When used with modular ICC2 and HCC Controllers, the product allows for quick system expansion with a simple plug-in module. This provides tremendous installation and maintenance flexibility for large or challenging landscapes. Wireless range is subject to terrain, foliage, buildings, and other site factors and users should consult product documentation before installing.

The Wireless Valve Link is available now.

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