New Program Keeps Worn Carhartt Workwear Out Of Landfills

Carhartt Reworked extends life of workwear, reduces clothing waste, and keeps previously worn and slightly imperfect gear out of landfills.


In an effort to extend the life of workwear, reduce clothing waste, and keep previously worn and slightly imperfect gear out of landfills, Carhartt — in partnership with Trove — has launched Carhartt Reworked. The new program is the first branded resale site in the workwear industry, and supports Carhartt’s sustainability goals by creating a circular recommerce model that extends the life of its durable gear and reduces clothing waste.

“‘Carhartt Reworked’ is an extension of our commitment to deliver the durability and reliability that hardworking people know and love, while reducing our environmental footprint,” said Gretchen R. Valade, Director of Sustainability at Carhartt. “With the help of Trove’s expertise in circular business and recommerce, we’re able to keep Carhartt products in use longer, out of landfills and in the hands of people who need it.”

Tapping into Trove’s experience in branded resale, Carhartt Reworked revamps previously worn or slightly imperfect gear and gets it to people who can put it to good use. The program is built on product submitted through consumer trade-in and customer returns or imperfect inventory.

Consumer Trade-In

The reworked program will accept trade-in of select Carhartt products that meet the requirements. All accepted products must meet condition standards, must be less than 10 years old and are required to have had an original MSRP cost of $50 or more. The product categories include: outerwear, shirt jacs, bibs and overalls, hoodies, sweatshirts, and pants. For those who bring eligible gear to participating Carhartt stores, the customer can exchange their gear for a digital gift card, which can be used on, or at any Carhartt Company Store. Any gear not eligible for trade in will be properly recycled or donated to keep fabric out of landfills.

Carhartt workwear(Photos: Carhartt)

Carhartt workwear
(Photos: Carhartt)
Returns/Imperfect Inventory

Depending on the garment’s condition, the product will either be immediately available for resale, cleaned, repaired and reassessed or be removed from circulation and recycled.

Starting today, reworked products will be available for purchase on the website, and participating Carhartt retail stores will accept in-store trade-ins. The trade in program will pilot in six stores across the U.S. before expanding to all Carhartt retail locations in 2023. As the program evolves, trade-ins will be available via online mail-in.

“Carhartt is known for its high-quality fabric and stringent durability standards, meant to stand the test of time, which is why it feels natural to create a system to extend the life of such hardworking gear,” said Gayle Tait, CEO of Trove.

“It’s an honor to add Carhartt to Trove’s best-in-class brand partnerships that are pushing boundaries of innovation and sustainability. As the first workwear brand to offer a resale program, Carhartt is setting the industry standard and investing in efforts to build a fully circular product lifecycle – and we’re proud to be part of that,” Tait added.

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Trove’s Recommerce Operating System has the ability to process millions of items for Carhartt and offers end-to-end item intelligence to deliver sustainable growth at scale.

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