Of Course There’s (Sort Of) A Barbie™ Landscaper!

Get in on the Barbie buzz with John Deere or Builder Barbie!


BarbieWith all the buzz around the Barbie movie, I found myself wondering: Is there a Landscaper Barbie? As always the Internet delivered. Amazon is currently selling a “John Deere Collector Barbie” released August 1, 2007. There’s just one in stock and it retails for $100 but qualifies for free Prime shipping!

She’s not technically a landscaper, more of a farmer, but there’s still a lot to love about her workboots, pink safety goggles, and OMG that pink John Deere shirt. The packaging reads: “A simple life does not preclude fabulous fashion! City style takes a backseat to country couture with an incredible ensemble inspired by America’s favorite farm equipment: John Deere! Well-fit, short, denim overalls set the hip rural tone, paired with a pink T-shirt, featuring the bold John Deere logo. Kicky cap and pink sunglasses shield that pretty face from the endless country sunshine. Say “goodbye” to stale, city chic and “hello” to classic country clothes!”Barbie

John Deere Barbie appears to also be available on eBay and Mercari for prices ranging from $42 to $139.81 (oddly specific) plus shipping.

Of course, if you would prefer a Barbie who works more in design-build projects, consider the Builder Barbie. The $49 version on Amazon comes with 50+ micro and mini Mega Bloks Compatibuild brick pieces to create your own patio or hardscape project! There’s even two cool topiary bricks for the design!

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