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In this issue of Tree Services, we bring you four articles dedicated to enhancing tree longevity.


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Tree Services, Storm Resilience
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Tree planting is generally thought of as a simple task for large rewards. So simple, in fact, we’ve turned it into a symbolic act at ceremonies where well-dressed officials plop a tree into a hole and cover it with dirt. Yet the reality is that current data puts the probability of a tree surviving 35 years to be less than 50%—even in rural areas. When you consider that many trees have average life spans exceeding 100 years, you can’t help but wonder what we’re doing wrong.

It’s a topic worth exploring if you regularly plant trees. So in this issue, we bring you four articles dedicated to enhancing tree longevity. First, with the increasing frequency of extreme weather, Certified Arborist John Fech provides tips on assessing tree defects and the optimum pruning methods for storm resilience.

Next, Landscape Architect Janet Waibel outlines methods of staking that enhance, rather than hinder, young tree growth. And then, Marie Ambusk offers a look at her company’s emerging tech whose aim is to help trees reach full maturity by identifying and correcting root issues early on. Our final article explores tree longevity in its most basic form—respect from us. See the stunning results when a design team for a new home not only embraces the existing trees onsite—especially a towering old oak—but gives them a starring role!Turf Summer 2020 Issue

Turf issue

October 2023


ASSESSING TREES FOR STORM RESILIENCE | IDing defects and optimizing pruning.

A STAKE IN SUCCESS | Why and how to stake young trees for better outcomes.

THE ROOT OF THE ISSUE | Emerging tech hopes to give trees a better chance of reaching maturity.


BUILDING A HOUSE AROUND A TREE | Respect for trees gives this new home an old soul at its heart.

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