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Editor’s Letter: Raise Your Glass

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“At the end of each landscaping season most owners are either raising their glasses or scratching their heads,” writes Josh Currivan, owner of Currivan Green Landscaping in “Optimizing Your Profits.” And it’s true. It’s only after the craze of busy, daily work do most owners have a chance to sit, tally up the numbers, and realize how their year truly fared.

The New Year is a time of reflection and resolutions for everyone—but it’s especially true for landscapers whose “off-season” occurs at the same time. What went right? What went wrong? How can 2022 be better? Currivan’s article speaks to the heart of this analysis and reminds us that client numbers—or even how busy you were—don’t always equal a great bottom line. He urges peers to do business homework now, in January, and provides a timeline and solid strategies for realizing true profit in 2022 and beyond. In many ways, it’s the most important work you’ll do all year.

Even with numbers-based decisions, growth is not without risk and Currivan details his tumultuous 2021. Joel Schaubel, Senior VP of Lending at LMN, addresses this risk/reward dynamic in “Investing In Equipment.” While providing a formula for “lease vs. own vs. keep,” he points out that choosing not to buy new equipment carries its own risk of downtime and lost opportunities.

In terms of opportunities, Winter is also the perfect time for exploring new revenue sources. Want billable hours on rainy days or in the off-season? This is where winter tree pruning and interior work come into play.

New opportunity is also happening at Turf as we grow to six issues a year! Our first February edition will tackle topics like material shortages and hiring. In 2022, look for issues dedicated to sustainable landscaping, water challenges, and more. As the Omicron variant makes its scary debut, where 2022 leads is yet to be determined. But as people prioritize home as sanctuary, the industry has an important role to play. I think we can all say “Cheers” to that.

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Turf Winter 2021 Issue | Table of Contents

Turf Winter 2021 Issue

Optimizing Your Profit | Take stock with strategies that analyze clients, costs, and services.

Interiorscaping In The Off-Season | Expanding services inside offers year-round growth opportunity.

Investing In Equipment | Buy, lease, or keep? What’s best for the bottom line?

Soil Health Solutions | For better turfgrass in the Spring, improve what lies beneath.

The Whys Of Winter Pruning & More | Better plant health and off-season revenue make these services a win-win.

Tree Tech: Map-Based Software | Win higher margin work with collaborative visual data tools.

Lakeside Living Space | In Wisconsin, the team at Landmark Landscapes earned a 2021 NALP Gold Award of Excellence for their work.

Equipment To Build Business | The versatile UTV is worth a look for landscape construction jobs.

Are You Management Material? | Consider if making the move from the field to the office is a good fit.

My Landscape: Low Maintenance Meadows | For the campus at Cornell University, meadows are one piece of the sustainable landscape strategy.

Get Equipped | Trucks/Trailers/UTVs, Pesticides, Irrigation/Water Management, and Landscape Lighting