PlanIT Geo To Host Three Trees + Tech Summits

The meetings will precede the ISA International Conference, the World Forum on Urban Forestry, and the CI Expo.


Technology’s effect on the urban forest industry is the premise behind the Trees + Tech Summits, three all-day events being organized this year by PlanIT Geo. Each summit will gather experts and practitioners to discuss technology, data, trees, and the future of urban forestry. Presenters from across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors will introduce and analyze the software, hardware, and data that is changing the way they work with trees.

Trees + Tech
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Attendees will learn about a wide variety of technologies, along with case studies and actionable steps to put these ideas to work in their own community forest. Presentation topics include: inventory management, canopy analysis, tree equity tools, sensors, ground-penetrating radar, drone applications, and more.

Each Trees + Tech Summit precedes a major industry conference as an official pre-event. The summits will be held:

  • August 13 at the ISA International Conference in Albuquerque, NM;
  • October 15 at the World Forum on Urban Forestry in Washington,D.C.; and
  • November 15th at the CI Expo Pre-Event in St. Louis, MO.

Registration for the ISA Trees + Tech Summit is open now. More information about all three Urban Forestry Summits can be found here. And look for an article by presenter Marie Ambusk, CEO & Founder at TreesROI™, in the October Turf Tree Services® insert.

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