Two Makita Battery-Powered OPE Systems Earn AGZA Field Tested Certification

The XGT® and ConnectX™ Systems now carry the AFTC® certification.


Makita AFTCMakita®, a manufacturer of professional tools, outdoor power equipment, and accessories,  has received field-tested certification, or AFTC®, from the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) for its XGT® and ConnectX™ Systems of battery-powered outdoor power equipment.

AGZA, a leader in zero-emission sustainable grounds maintenance strategies, tests and advocates for the highest quality and best performing zero-emission lawncare equipment. AGZA Field Tested Certification is the result of rigorous independent testing.

“Makita has the product solutions that allow pro landscapers to replace their gas-powered equipment and go battery-powered for mowing, trimming, cutting and clean-ups,” said Mario Lopez, director of product development, Makita U.S.A., Inc. “AGZA follows strict testing standards, and Makita is proud to carry this important certification. If you are a user seeking to take your truck or trailer to battery powered, Makita has more options for full gas conversion.”

“With this certification, Makita is poised to help the landscape maintenance industry cope  with regulatory pressures and workload feasibility to make a living with commercial-rated battery-powered tools,” said Dan Mabe, president, American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA).

Makita Systems that now carry the AFTC® certification include the following:

  • XGT® 40V max | 80V max: The most powerful handheld solution for pro landscapers, with cordless equipment and tools engineered for applications that traditionally use gas, cords, and air (125+ XGT®products in 2023).
  • ConnectX™ 36V | 40V max: A run-time and power solution for professional landscapers seeking a gas replacement. The ConnectX™ 1,200 watt hour Backpack Power Supply is compatible with ConnectX™ products, as well as 40V max XGT® and 36V (18V X2) LXT® products with the use of an adapter.

For more information, visit Makita Outdoor Power Equipment.

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The First AGZA Certified Green Zone® Hospital Property

In other AGZA news, the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) in collaboration with the American Green Zone Alliance® (AGZA) held a AGZA Green Zone Certification ceremony at UAB’s renowned Solar House. AGZA President Dan Mabe attended to recognize UAB for electrifying its landscape maintenance operations and establishing the nation’s first AGZA Certified Green Zone® hospital property in the nation. UAB’s award-winning hospital is among the nation’s top ten most prestigious and one of the largest hospitals (1,200+ beds) in the nation.

With support from UAB’s Sustainability Department and leadership from David Lovell, grounds manager at UAB, the Facilities Department implemented cleaner, quieter tools for routine maintenance of the grounds in the area defined by the Hospital’s Green Zone. Lovell and his Department retired several gas-powered handheld tools – including leaf blowers, weed whips, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers to meet the AGZA Green Zone Level 1 standard.

UAB Grounds Department shows off their new electric gear compared to phased out gas models.

AGZA Green Zone Certification is a structured program of implementation designed to make an enduring transition to low impact maintenance practices through education, training, certification, and metrics reporting. “AGZA is so impressed with UAB, who is the first institution in the nation to create an AGZA Certified Green Zone on hospital grounds….  We look forward to working with UAB’s facilities and sustainability departments to expand on the success of this initial Green Zone Certification,” said Mabe.

By creating the Green Zone, UAB has taken a step towards quieting the environment in and around hospital, its clinics, and libraries. It is a step that is consistent with the Okanagan Charter calling for universities and colleges to “infuse health into everyday operations… and [in] doing so, … improve the health of the people who live, learn, work … on [its] campuses.” “UAB is a known leader in healthcare, research, and education; our Green Zone certification cements our leadership in these fields while also illustrating we’re a leader in sustainability too,” said Nick Ciancio, sustainability coordinator for UAB.

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Managing An Eco-Campus In The Heart Of A City



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