Turf August 2022 Issue


Editor’s Letter

It’s Christmas in July… or, as we call it: Snow Management in August!

Turf February 2022 Issue

As temperatures soar into +95 ̊F here, it seems very unseasonal to be editing the Snow & Ice issue. But as nearly half the nation suffers water restrictions, while other parts fear flash floods, I realize how thankful I am that the last issue of Turf, focusing on water issues, is already in readers’ hands. So while it might still be summer, as Phill Sexton proves in, “Ready or Not: A 52-Week Timeline,” the most successful snow management planning is already underway.

Do you have a plan to face the flakes? Need liquid courage? John Langton offers a personal review on the profit potential of liquids. Other snow articles include a new SIMA Report; as well as equipment trends and profiles. When it comes to snow equipment, I’m reminded of my childhood in Syracuse, NY, and a humorous article we had pinned to the fridge. It was a picture of a plow, painted with a menacing face and its “victims” etched into its side—cars, trees, telephone poles, garbage cans, etc. Which, naturally, brings me to our article on business insurance!

Beyond snow prep, you’ll find timely advice on combatting tree scale, and fall armyworms. During last year’s armyworm invasion, Dr. Rick Brandenburg of North Carolina State could barely keep up with the questions on his 2.7K-member facebook page: Turf, Bugs, and Rock n’ Roll (don’t you love the name?). So Turf asked him to chime in on what he expects this year.

NALP’s re-tooled (pun intended) conference and expo, ELEVATE, will be taking place next month. We offer a preview of new products to expect at the expo, as well as a message about the importance of Industry involvement. In fact, it was at an Industry event that I heard landscape professionals express the desire for more success stories—paths other owners took to grow their businesses. Thus, I proudly introduce a new feature: The Yardstick. Check it out!

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Turf August 2022 Issue | Table of Contents

Turf August 2022 Issue
For landscapers who take on snow and ice management, a perfect storm is an opportunity for big profits and ensuring those contracts are renewed. Prepare now, so you have the big equipment you need to handle the big storm! With the right prep, Winter’s no match for you! COVER: Jessica Toal, Group C Creative Director PHOTO: Adobe Stock by Christian Delbert


Ready Or Not? | A 52-week snow management planning timeline.

Achieving Liquidity | Real world experience with the profit potential of liquids.

Snow Business By The Numbers | SIMA’s just released Industry Impact Report.

Snow Equipment Multitaskers | 5 purchasing tips—from push plows to UTVs.

Get Equipped: Snow & Ice management.


Landscaping Business Insurance | What does it take to protect your business fully? Plus, how to receive accurate landscape business insurance quotes.

Tree Services®: Scaling Back Scale | Improve control with ID, proper timing, and IPM.

Turf Care: March Of The fall Armyworm | Will we see the same record numbers as 2021?

OP ED: NALP Urges Advocacy | Pesticides are under attack and your voice is needed.

New Feature! The Yardstick | Crimson Valley Landscaping’s timeline of success.


DesignBuild®: The Summer Slide | A backyard entertaining space earns top grades for Phase One Landscapes.

Get Equipped: ELEVATE Expo Preview